Product performance and patient safety are paramount within the Medtech and Pharmaceutical industry. At Congenius, we understand the importance of trustworthy advice in the regulatory field, so our Regulatory team provides our customers with knowledge that is steeped in experience.

It can be difficult to find the right personnel at the right time to tackle a challenge, so we ensure that all our Regulatory consultants can easily integrate into your internal teams, providing skills specific to your requirements. We recognise that our industry is ever evolving, so we invest in continuous training for our consultants, ensuring a high level of adaptability.

Our aim as your Regulatory experts is to help you ensure safe practices and to develop products with efficacy. We achieve this by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to reassure you that you`re taking the smartest route to delivery and registration. Read more below about how we can support you with regulatory strategy, technical compliance, worldwide registration, post market surveillance and more.

Our Regulatory Services

Regulatory Strategy

If you are in the process of developing a medical technology or combination product, we can help you to develop the smartest regulatory strategy to ensure a smooth journey to delivery and registration.

We are able to advise you on product classification and relevant approval procedures appropriate to the countries in which you require approval.

Our knowledge spans international governing bodies, and so regardless of whether product approval is required in Europe, the US or elsewhere, we can help you set the right regulatory course from project inception.

Evaluation of Essential Requirements Annex I MDR 2017/745

For a medical technology product registration within Europe, the general safety and performance requirements (GSPR) according to Annex I MDR 2017/745 must be met.

We would be happy to advise you on the relevant requirements necessary for your product, and the harmonised standards in which these are covered. With our thorough evaluation, you will be able to consider all essential requirements during the design input phase of your project, resulting in peace of mind that conformity will be ensured.

Compilation of Technical Dossiers DHF, DMR

A smooth product registration relies on the compilation of compliant technical dossiers.

We can support you in the creation of a product file that encompasses your results from design input, design output, design verification, design validation and design transfer. We are able to compile your technical files in accordance with STED (Summary TEchnical Document) based on your development results. Our aim as we assist in this area is to reassure you as you prepare for your product registration.

Product Registrations CE, FDA, RoW

If you are looking to register your medical device for market entry in Europe (CE), the US (Listing, 510(k), PMA) or elsewhere, we can manage, implement, or collaborate on the procedure as needed.

If required, we would be happy to take on the registration work on your behalf from start to finish. This would span the preparation of technical documentation, ensuring that your processes within the quality management system are compliant, making the submission to the notified bodies and liaison with these bodies as needed until the device certificate has been issued. Together, we can take an intelligent and straight-forward path to product certification.

Post Market Surveillance & Vigilance

Post Market Surveillance (PMS) comprises the collection of information about the properties of medical devices regarding their post market use (safety, quality, shelf life, performance), the evaluation of this data in a periodic report (PMS Report or PSUR), the implementation of any corrective actions which may be required for the device and where necessary, the planning and implementation of field safety corrective actions (FSCA).

If you would like to market your medical device as a manufacturer or distributor, once in market, you will be required to notify the relevant authorities of any serious incidents, recalls or other field safety corrective actions (FSCA). We can support you in this area by helping you to implement a process for Post Market Surveillance, including guidance on how to correctly notify the authorities in accordance with MDR and MEDEV 2.12-1 guidelines, for use in the unfortunate event of a serious incident.


Bettina Ernst

– Co-Founder & CEO

“I found their creative but simple solutions for addressing non-conformity extremely helpful. There was no unnecessary work undertaken – just the provision of straight forward and proactive solutions. I needed matter of fact input; advice and tools that were lean and to the point. And that is exactly what I received. As a result, my understanding is now increased, and compliance has been achieved.”

Proponent Biotech

Sandro Venanzoni


“Working with Congenius was straight forward, helpful and efficient. As well as being very knowledgeable, they introduced us to useful tools that made our working lives a lot easier. Their positive attitude and uncomplicated ways of working kept things easy. Our collaboration allowed us to define our procedures and to improve efficiency and productivity, whilst finding pragmatic ways to ensure only the necessary work was completed.”


Daniel Krieg

– Product Management

“Jörg helped us to lay the groundwork for our documentation and organisational structure. Being quality driven and business savvy, he was a reliable source for knowledge and understanding – we always received clear explanations, and I don`t recall a single question he couldn`t answer! His patience and ability to apply give and take helped us to progress in a way that suited our business, and with his methodical and thorough approach he became a driving force toward delivery. Our partnership improved our company`s efficiency and quality – it was the best investment we made last year.”

Fipe System

Patrick Kugelmeier

Co-Founder & Medical Director

“Jörg has supported us in the process of getting our medical products approved. His experience, honesty and reflective thinking helped us to guide us effectively through the process. Jörg’s authentic commitment to customer service has helped to strengthen our working relationship. We see him as a true partner and will continue to work with Congenius.”


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