Meet the team

Our Congenius team is formed of reliable people who listen to customer needs, inform ideas, and challenge the status quo when necessary.

They share a thirst for knowledge, a love of collaboration, and they are passionate about making a positive difference to people`s lives. Each of our Congenius consultants has on average ten years of Medtech industry experience across a diverse range of fields. Read on to discover more about our dynamic team.

Jörg Dogwiler, CEO & Founder

“My goal with Congenius is to grow an organisation that`s built on openness and transparency, and developed by talented, like-minded people.”


Jörg founded Congenius at the beginning of 2016. With his roots in Electrical Engineering, he spent over two decades developing his career in MedTech and Pharma consulting within Quality and Regulatory functions at leading consultancy companies.

Having previously held responsibility for the development and marketing of medical devices, Jörg has a detailed knowledge of the quality and regulatory aspects of active medical devices, implants, combination products and software as a medical device, and has built several QMS` according to ISO 13485 / 21CFR820. His customer portfolio is rich in variety, having worked in leadership positions for numerous start-ups, established SME`s and large global companies. Jörg also sits on the Advisory Board for USI Lugano, covering BioTech, MedTech and eHealth business programs.

Bastian Perroset, Deputy CEO & Head of Operations

“It has always been my passion to put efficiency into practice to achieve better end results.”


Bastian joined Congenius in 2017. He offers over 20 years of experience in MedTech and Pharma within product development and commercialisation, and has over 15 years in leadership and entrepreneurial positions within regulated industries. Bastian`s passion for continuous improvement is demonstrated by his lengthy list of field expertise, spanning Project Management, Risk Management, Design & Process Validation and Quality Management Systems to name but a few.

Our Operations Team

The Operations team here at Congenius offers every type of experience required for the successful commercialisation of medical devices and combination products. The team combines strategic thinking with implementation expertise across Process Engineering, Equipment & Infrastructure Qualification, Test Method Validation, Process Validation, and Biocompatibility, Sterility & Product Cleanliness. They can also provide reliable Project Management resource to further help you achieve Operational Excellence.

Dr Dirk Hüber, Head of Quality & Head of eHealth

“I enjoy helping people and organisations to improve and to develop, be it on a technical, quality, compliance, organisational, or personal level.”


With a passion for solving problems, Dirk was originally a Theoretical Physicist, spending 13 years undertaking scientific research. His move into the MedTech, IVD and Pharma industry and finally into consulting led him to work with companies large and small, established and start-ups. Since July 2019, Dirk has been applying his 20 years of experience in leadership positions in quality functions to his role as Head of Quality here at Congenius.

Our Quality Team

The Quality team combines a diverse range of knowledge and capability in the MedTech, IVD and Pharma industry. Including Senior Consultants with over two decades of experience in leadership roles, and dynamic young talent with fresh perspectives, our Congenius Quality team offers understanding of a wide range of products spanning active devices, implants, combination products, software and more. They are strategic, hands-on and charismatic, making integration with your own internal teams an effortless process.

Our eHealth Team

The Congenius eHealth team is comprised of consultants with on average 10+ years of experience in medical, as well as exposure to other safety critical systems in a variety of fields spanning Automotive, Avionics, Rail and more. The team has an international background, possessing competencies across the regulatory, technical and project management areas. Whether you require strategic advice or hands-on implementation, our team of Project Managers, Process Developers, Team Leaders, System/ Software Architects and Software Developers have the same mindset in common; they are pragmatic, customer focused problem solvers.

Bruno Gretler, Head of Regulatory & Head of Clinical

“Collaboration is key to navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape. By working together, leveraging our expertise, and fostering open dialogue, we can build bridges to deliver safe and effective medical devices.”


Bruno joined the Congenius team in February 2024. Having spent over 20 years in the MedTech sector and 17 years in regulatory affairs and quality management, Bruno has wide cross-functional experience in product and process development, training, risk management, software development, and implementation and maintenance of quality management processes according to ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820. As our Head of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, he offers a strategic mindset, strong leadership, and diverse knowledge of global compliance for MedTech.

Our Regulatory Team 

Bruno leads our Regulatory team here at Congenius. The team is comprised of experts who have experience across all aspects of regulatory affairs, and who offer detailed knowledge covering a wide range of product groups. Their expertise spans every step of the product life cycle for implants, combination products, medical devices including software as a stand-alone device, personal protective equipment, and in vitro diagnostics. Where required, the team is also well-equipped to support with due diligence activities.

Our Clinical Team

Bruno also leads our Congenius Clinical team. The team offers an average of ten years’ experience in Clinical Evaluation and clinical trials within the MedTech industry. Our Clinical consultants are pragmatic strategists who can adapt their approach as required. Their passion for thoroughness ensures accurate, detailed, and reliable clinical data collection and evaluation. Whether you are looking for support that complements the skills of your existing internal team, or an experienced leader within Clinical Affairs, our versatile Clinical Consultants can facilitate effective Clinical Strategy, Clinical Investigations and Clinical Evaluation.

Lucio D’Ambrosio, Head of Business Development

“At Congenius I enjoy utilising my scientific background and sales experience to create authentic partnerships.”


Lucio joined the Congenius team as our Head of Business Development in February 2023. After starting his career in analytical chemistry, Lucio developed his skillset with a move into service provision relating to medical devices, developing his proficiency in chemical biocompatibility, process optimisation, quality management, and sales strategy.

Bringing with him over a decade of experience in the MedTech industry, Lucio pairs his practical industry knowledge with his expertise in business administration and leadership to help grow our customer portfolio.

Hannah Matthews, Head of Marketing & PR

“At Congenius I am empowered to apply my passion and creativity to help drive our organisation forward through meaningful communication.”


Hannah joined Congenius in April 2020 as our Head of Marketing & PR. She is a copywriter, content producer and marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience in the advertising industry. Hannah`s vast customer portfolio spans prestigious global brands, aspiring regional companies and grass-roots organisations in the Medical & Healthcare, Finance, Automotive, Not-for-profit, Retail, Tourism and Government fields.

Stéphanie Buchel-Huber, Head of HR & Finance

“It`s important for me to really know the people behind the job titles. Our open-minded culture at Congenius helps me to understand the personalities that form our dynamic team.”


Stéphanie started as our Head of HR & Finance in June 2020. Her wealth of specialist knowledge, academic practice, and professional experience, including her role as Finance & HR Director at Esprit Switzerland & Italy, allow her to effectively guide our people and processes as we grow our organisation.

Our Board Members

Dr Felix Baader

“Jörg and I share the same priority; to deliver the highest level of quality service through a collaborative and down-to-earth approach.”

Having held senior and executive positions at Roche Diagnostics, Roche Diabetes Care, Biotronik Vascular Intervention as well as Philips Patient Monitoring, Dr Baader draws on his 25 years in Medtech and Pharma to provide us with valuable insight, particularly regarding business strategy, organisational development and HR. Furthermore, his broad industry network plays a key role in furthering the successful expansion of our business.

Dr Peter Hostettler

“I’m proud to support Congenius in their mission to use their broad expertise to help Pharma, BioTech and MedTech companies create the best solutions for millions of patients around the world.”

Dr Peter Hostettler, Founder & former Chairman of Hocoma Group, provides support from a strategic, organisational, financial and legal perspective. Having created and grown a successful global medical technology company, Dr Hostettler utilises his 20 years of experience to help us develop sustainably.

Richard Fritschi

“Efficient quality management is a decisive success factor for Swiss companies in the life sciences sector. Congenius has ample experience in this field, and in my opinion, offers real added value to pharmaceutical, BioTech and MedTech customers requiring support.”

Richard Fritschi has worked in management in the life sciences industry since 1991. He started out as a controller at Sulzer Medica (now Zimmer Biomet), before becoming President Europe / Asia for Zimmer and CEO of Ypsomed. Today, he is active on various boards of directors within the MedTech and BioTech industries. As a member of our board, Richard’s wealth of leadership and management experience supports our continued development and success.

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